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I love buying from They are very fast and often times much more affordable then other places. When I ordered my 50 pound 88 key midi controller keyboard they had it here the next day, with free shipping at that. The first keyboard didn't work right so we sent it back (they paid the shipping for that too.) They sent us a new keyboard before I had the old one sent back. They sent a $400 item trusting me the customer to keep my word... I really like that.... I hate it when stores treat you like your a thief or something. zZounds trust their costumers. I've never had problems with them, they are very honest with you, if something is back ordered they tell you it's back ordered instead of leaving you to imagine it got lost in the mail or something. I hope to buy many, many, more musically related items from them. :D

What I'd really like to do for a job is to operate a recording studio. The equipment can be expensive, but I can buy "standard" equipment over time and build up the equipment I will need. Jobs don't create themselves. They need some effort from me. This is what I'm good at.. (Electronics, music, recording.) I've always wanted to get into audio recording... The problem is I don't have the equipment or funds to pursue it... That is when I realized the other day that I don't have to buy all the equipment at once. :D I can buy them over time. Saving up and buying one piece to the puzzle at a time. The prices of the equipment run from $10 to $10,000 or more... But most of the stuff is in the $500 - $1600 range it seems.

I guess we are getting that furniture. :D
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