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Get Me Up There I'm A Writer!

27 March
afternoon tea, andrea bocelli, anne of green gables, anne shirley, apricotpie.com, aragorn, art, avonlea, bbq, beautiful music, beware the parasol, bible reading, big band, black, bzflag, c.s. lewis, calvary chapel, cappuccino, cell phones, charles dickens, christian unity, computer graphics, cool weather, cynthia kirkpatrick, democrats, dinosaur bbq sauces, dr. gary e. parker, dumbledore, elizabeth gaskell, elves, emma, english tea, enya, foggy days, fun in london, galadriel, gandalf, gary parker, gayle erwin, good food, grapefruit, grapefruit wars, hacking, hamley hall, harry potter, hebrew, historic costumes, homeschooling wizarding families, hot chocolate, icewm, insanity, iona, ireland, israel, italy, j.r.r. tolkien, jack sparrow, jane austen, jesus, jesus christ, jews, jon courson, josh groban, kde, kindred spirits, latin, legolas, liberals, lighthouses, lilacs, linguistics, linux, little women, long beards, lord of the rings, lord zelkstarre, loreena mckennitt, me, mercia sinclair, middle earth, molly gibson, music, narnia, north and south, old movies, old-fashioned words, osborne hamley, oscar gallagher, paint shop pro, passover, period films, piano, poetry, pride and prejudice, prince edward island, prince of wales tea, purple vw beetles, reumanor, roger hamley, scotland, shane deal, singing, sins of the fathers, squire hamley, sword parasol, swordfighting, tabasco sauce, talking with friends, tea, tea parties, the andrein, the chronicles of narnia, the hobbit, those swirly peppermints, tolkien, twinings of london, unity within the church, unix, unsweetend iced tea, victorian, victorian tea parties, violin, web design, winter, wishes that come true, wives and daughters, worship, writing, writing poetry, xmms, xterm